The Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry

Registration and Funding Application: Arizona Winter School 2019

For non-students: To register for AWS 2019, simply fill out the forms below, and click "Submit application".

For students: A funding application will appear when you select your status below. Please fill out all forms. We will require a CV and a few paragraphs describing your background and interests, and will additionally ask that you provide the email address of a faculty member from your current institution who we will contact directly for more information about you (we mainly want them to indicate that you are serious and likely to benefit from the winter school). Additionally, graduate students will be asked to indicate their preferred activities for the evening working sessions. There are three sorts of official activities.

You may also indicate that you would not like to be assigned to any official group at this time. We hope to be able to inform you of your assignment in early February.

Note that the evening sessions are flexible: you are welcome to move informally between the above activities or to initiate your own activities. All participants are welcome and very strongly encouraged to attend!

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